About us

Transceiver Direct

Our culture of quality and commitment provides our customers the highest quality transceivers and service in the industry. Our high quality products are guaranteed to meet or exceed the manufacturer’s specifications and are 100% compatible with all Industry leading Network Hardware Manufacturers. We application test all of our transceivers in the actual switch and test the integrity of all our optical products prior to shipment to our customers.

Our success at Transceiver Direct is based on our ability to provide the highest quality connectivity and upgrade products that consistently allow us to deliver on our customer’s requirements of performance, cost and availability. Transceiver directs quality assurance procedures allow us to deliver industry leading technology and offer products that are manufactured in accordance with the latest ISO and IECQ quality assurance processes.

Our employees are a key factor in our quality process. In order to achieve the highest levels of service and product quality, we continue to train our employees on the latest technology and product information. Our constant focus on solidifying partnerships and providing the highest level of service to our customers ensures our continued growth and our ability to provide transceivers for the latest applications on time.